Strong glutes correct common posture problems!

Most of us have a sedentary lifestyle. 
Because of sitting, the glutes s are weakened, resulting in posture problems and sports injuries. Strength and activation exercises for the glute muscles solve many of these problems.

Strong glutes protect the back and knees!

Training the glute muscles allows hip mobility and this will translate into a good stability of the core and lower back. The gluteal muscles also help to stabilize the knees.
(Weak glute muscles = knees fall inwards) 

Strong glute muscles make you sprint faster and jump higher!

The gluteus maximus is a powerful mover and stands for speed. Speed and power in the sport revolves around the force placed in the ground. The more power you produce the more speed.

Strong glutes help you look better!


We can state that functional glute muscles are an added value for your body.

In our glute program we focus on the (weakened) glute muscles as part of a full body program.

Who is the 10 week glute program for?

  • People with a sedentary lifestyle or an office job.
  • People with knee or back problems.
  • People who want to improve their posture.
  • People who want more speed and explosiveness in their sport.
  • People who want to develop their glute muscles more for a better appearance.

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