'Good nutrition is good health'

In addition to an individual training program, a good and balanced diet is essential for achieving optimal results. In our approach we are therefore critical and think it's important to keep an evidence-based approach.

'all foods can fit into a healthful eating style'

A screening of your lifestyle, eating behavior and training experience allows us to create a quality nutritional plan that fits with the foods you like. The best diet is foremost the one you can persevere!

In our method we choose a diet with sufficient protein, essential fats and a carbohydrate intake that is tailored to your physical activities throughout the day. Standard claims such as avoiding sugars is therefore not that great advice, as every person has different needs. 

In addition, we make sure that the daily need for fruit, vegetables and micronutrients is filled. Think about the fibers, vitamins and minerals. 

'Controlling your energy balance is the key to successful  body recomposition' 

A balanced diet is a great first step, but even a surplus of "healthy" food can lead to weight gain. It is therefore important to adjust your calorie intake correctly according to your goal. Because every person has different needs, our nutritional advice is always personalized to optimize fat loss and muscle growth.

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