So that you can also be provided with an optimal program remotely

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Your nutrition plan is based on the calories that will give you the most effective results. These are adjusted to your goal. 
A specific quantity of each product is shown in the schedule. E.g. 250g yogurt. If we didn't do this, you could eat 400g of yogurt. This will increase your daily calories, wich can result in slowing down (or stopping) your fat loss.

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A nutritional program can be great, but if you have to eat the same meals every day you won't keep up with it. That's why we've made a selection list per category, tailored to your daily calories and preferences.

These products all contain roughly the same number of calories. You choose your product from the list per item, and we adjust the quantity to your daily target. For example, 150g of cod equals 100g of tuna steak or 125g of sea bass.

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Because it is important that you keep your focus on the right things, we start in chapter 1 with a summary of correct information about nutrition. This is the base of your nutrition program. You will have the possibility to scroll to the summary for each part. This way you can choose to go through the detailed explanations at a later time.
In Chapter 2 we explain how to use of your nutrition program. Chapter 3 and 4 are useful additions that apply in certain situations (for example eating out, having a cheat meal, etc.).
Throughout this document you will find hyperlinks. By clicking on them, you will be redirected to the website or scientific article that supports the claim.

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Under this tab of your program you can get some ideas for your meals. The quantities of the products correspond to those of your nutritional program.

We take your favorite products into account and leave room for the necessary 'unhealthy snacks'. These products ensure that fat loss remains fun. When 90% of your daily diet consists of nutritious foods, it's ok to spend the remaining 10% on the things you like.


Body measurements are important to get a good overview of your progress. Your weight, circumference and skin folds are the most commonly used methods of measurement. This allows us to offer you optimal support and adjust your program if necessary.

Because individual weight measurements alone says nothing, we always look at weekly averages and trends in weight.

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